A-Z Barcelona Jumping Project

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Here you can find my first photography project. It was part of a photography course given in the community center of my neighbourhood. All started as an original project in which I could practice and experiment with my camera, being with friends and family, and most importantly have a good time. The result is very satisfactory, at least in my opinion! :P
At the end every single photo has its own story, making-off, bloopers, etc. We had a lot of fun all together!

Project: A-Z Barcelona Jumping Project

Description: Every photo shows a person jumping in front of a singular place in Barcelona, with a letter of the alphabet as a reference to each particular place or an action related to it.

Location: Downtown Barcelona. The location for the project was defined by the course to be limited around Barcelona Downtown. More specifically the working area was limited by Aragon Street, Universitat Square, Barcelona Cathedral and Via Laietana Street. So if somebody is hoping to see Sagrada Familia, I am sorry but it was out of the scope of this project, just like many other popular places in Barcelona! :(

Thanks very much to everybody who helped me participating in this project, in one way or another!! Thanks A LOT!! :)

  • A
    Location: Casa Batlló (Gaudí). Barcelona. Spain
    Model: Anais
  • B
    B is for BUS
    Location: Bus Stop in Plaça Catalunya. Barcelona. Spain
    Model: Tali
  • C
    C is for CAB
    Location: Cab Stop in Plaça Catalunya. Barcelona. Spain
    Model: Kitus
  • D
    D is for DESIGN
    Location: Mercat de St Caterina (Farmer's Market). Designed by Enric Miralles. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Toni & Nati
  • E
    Location: Living Statues in Las Ramblas. Barcelona. Spain
    Model: Antonio
  • F
    F is for FLOWERS
    Location: Flower Stands in Las Ramblas. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Maria
  • G
    G is for GASTRONOMY
    Location: Las Ramblas. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Mimi
  • H
    H is for HISTORY
    Location: Barcelona Cathedral. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Toñi & Fina
  • I
    I is for INTERESTING
    Location: Palau de la Música. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Peque & Pregnant Lady
  • J
    J is for JUNCTION
    Location: Junction between: Pelayo Street, Las Ramblas & Plaza Catalunya. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Sergi
  • K
    K is for KNOWLEDGE
    Location: Universitat de Barcelona. Universitat Square. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Pros Simón
  • L
    L is for LEGACY
    Location: Pi Square. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Naty
  • M
    M is for MUSEUM
    Location: MACBA - Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona. Raval. Barcelona. Spain
    Model: Bruno
  • N
    N is for NARROW
    Location: The narrow part of Petritxol Street. Barcelona. Spain
    Model: Héctor
  • O
    O is for OLYMPICS
    Location: Close to de MACBA Museum. Barcelona. Spain.
    Models: Anais, Pros Simón, Héctor, Baró, María
  • P
    P is for PIGEON
    Location: Catalunya Square. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Andreu
  • Q
    Q is for QUIET
    Location: Vicenç Martorell Square. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Baro
  • R
    R is for RAVAL
    Location: Angels Square. Close to MACBA Museum. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: The Happy Family
  • S
    S is for SHOPPING
    Location: Passeig de Gracia Street. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Nieves
  • T
    T is for TILES
    Location: Tiles of Passeig de Gracia Street. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Me!! :)
  • U
    U is for UNDERGROUND
    Location: Universitat Metro Stop, L2. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Quimi
  • V
    V is for VIA LAIETANA
    Location: Via Laietana Street. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Llorenç
  • W
    W is for WATER
    Location: Felip Neri Square. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Mireia
  • X
    X is for XTREME
    Location: Portal de l'Angel Street. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: David
  • Y
    Y is for YUMMY
    Location: La Boqueria Farmer's Market. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Claudia
  • Z
    Z is for ZURICH
    Location: Cafe Zurich. Corner Cataluña Square/ Pelayo Street. Barcelona. Spain.
    Model: Javi